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We are a multicultural and diverse team of IT professionals driving the biggest IT operations landscape and digital transformation of the FMCG industry. We work with leading technologies and solutions to enable Nestlé to engage with millions of consumers worldwide.
We transform how we use data with machine learning, advanced analytics, and introduce automation to drive industry 4.0 opportunities in areas including supply chain and manufacturing.

We look for people who are curious, courageous, innovative, collaborative and passionate about new technologies. We want to hear from people who have the courage to challenge; believe the only way of moving forward is by doing and who look for solutions to improve the lives of our consumers.
If this is you and you want to make an impact globally, join us and there will be no limits to your career.

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My team has thrown me such a warm welcome, which made my induction effortless. I had a sense of belonging as of day one. IT environments can be quite stressful, and just as any other job and setting, cause a lot of challenges. Having the right people next to you makes the job and those repetitive tasks more fun and enjoyable. I am still amazed how genuinely nice and supportive my colleagues are – we appreciate and cherish each other’s experiences, backgrounds and life stories. The relationship is reciprocal. Last, but absolutely not the least, I already felt empowered during my first day at Nestlé when I was told that this is not only a man’s world - we got this together.

Branislava photo